Subscribe to ISD 544 Weather Alerts

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 1.38.59 PMDuring the winter weather season, conditions occasionally cause us to delay the start of school, or to send students home early ahead of inclement weather.

In previous years, we’ve used the service to send text notifications about closures and other important events.

We will be changing the way we do alerts starting September 2017.

Receiving ISD 544 Text Alerts

For at least the start of the 2017-2018 school year, we’ll continue to use the service to provide text notifications to subscribers to people who’d previously subscribed.

Our focus this year will be a transition to SchoolMessenger, a service that integrates with our new Student Information System, called Synergy.

We’ll be able to email, message, or call parents of currently enrolled students based upon the phone numbers we have on record in Synergy. This new messaging system will be our preferred method of communicating with families, and we will phase out the service after we have SchoolMessenger working as intended.

Please visit this page for more details about configuring SchoolMessenger!

In preparation for our switch the SchoolMessenger, you may wish to Unsubscribe from our Remind messaging system to prevent unnecessary doubling of messages. To stop receiving our alerts via text, send the text stop to 218-389-4372

Please note that SchoolMessenger is just one of the many ways we alert the public about school closings and delays, and should not be relied upon as your sole source of information. Internet traffic and other factors can often delay text message and email transmissions. We also announce school closings and delays on our website (, our Facebook page, on local radio, and via Fargo television stations.

For more information about school closings and delays, please read this article.