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District Office:

Fergus Falls Public Schools

Superintendent: Mr. Jerry Nessx9010 601 Randolph Ave. ( Google map)
Business Manager: Mark Mastenx9009 Fergus Falls, MN   56537
Personnel Director: Elaine Jahnkex9010 Phone: 218-998-0544 x9006
Curriculum Director: Carri Thompson – x9005 FAX: 1-218-755-5000


Secondary School (6-12): Kennedy Secondary School
Principal: Mr. Dean Monkex9602 601 Randolph Ave. (Google map)
Assistant Principal (9-12): Mr. Shane Thielke x9604 Fergus Falls, MN   56537
Assistant Principals (6-8): Mr. Brad Strandx9605                         Mr. Jon Steinbrennerx9609 Phone: 218-998-0544 x9600
Athletic Director (9-12): Mr. Gary Schulerx9801 FAX: 1-218-755-5000
Athletic Director (7-8): Mr. Shane Thielkex9604
Elementary Schools (K-5): Adams Elementary School
301 W. Bancroft (Google map)
Phone: 218-998-0544 x9300
FAX: 1-218-755-5000
 Principal: Mrs Tindy Rundx9401 Cleveland Elementary School
919 Northern Ave. (Google map)
Phone: 218-998-0544 x9400
FAX: 1-218-755-5000
 Principal: Mr. Scott Colbeckx9301 McKinley Elementary School
724 W. Laurel (Google map)
Phone: 218-998-0544 x9500
FAX: 1-218-755-5000
Area Learning Center: Fergus Falls Area Learning Center
Director: Kristin Tuelx9231 340 Friberg Ave. (Google map)
Phone: 218-998-0544 x9230
FAX: 1-218-755-5000
Early Childhood & McKinley Elementary School
Family Education: 724 W. Laurel (Google map)
Director: Karen Hananx9529 Phone: 218-998-0544 x9500
Community Education & Community Education
Adult Basic Education: 340 Friberg Avenue (Google map)
Director: Mary Matteson – 9201 Phone: 218-998-0544 x9200
FAX: 1-218-755-5000
Special Education Coop: Fergus Falls Area Area Special Education Coop
Administrator: Shannon Ericksonx9020 518 Friberg Ave. (Google map)
Phone: 218-998-0935 x9020
FAX: 1-218-998-0055

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Sad Time for Fergus Falls

Over the past weeks, our School District and community have suffered many sad and tragic events. It is comforting to know that many care so deeply for our staff and schools.  We thank you for holding us up by your words and actions.  

P-T Conferences

The Fergus Falls Public Schools are hosting Parent-Teacher Conferences from 4-7:45 pm on Thursday, October 8; from 8 am – 3:15 pm on October 9; from 5-8:45 pm on Monday, October 12 in all school buildings. Continue reading

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