Supt. Ness: Follow the yellow brick road

This year, our high school is performing The Wizard of Oz!  The show dates are November 9-10 and  November 16-17 at 7 pm and Sunday, November 18 at 2 pm at the KSS Auditorium. The cost is $7 for adults and $4 for students.

The following was shared by Tech Director Allee Nickolauson…

THE WIZARD OF OZ is a play by L. Frank Baum, with music and lyrics by Harold Arlen and E. Y. Harburg. The story is of a young girl named Dorothy Gale, who lives on a farm in Kansas with her Aunt Em, Uncle Henry and little dog Toto. Feeling unappreciated, Dorothy dreams of a far away place. Miss Gulch, their unpleasant neighbor, serves Dorothy with a summons to take Toto away. Toto escapes from Dorothy’s bicycle basket, and she runs away from home with him. On the road, they find a showman, Professor Marvel, who urges her to return to the farm. Dorothy arrives back to her home, just as a tornado touches down. In her house, she is accidentally hit on the head. The house is carried by the tornado to the Land of Oz.  

The musical is directed by Ethan Johnson, tech directed by Allee Nickolauson, costume coordinator – Nancy Reard, Orchestra Director – Craig Peterson; Music Director – Kaele Peterson; and Stage Manager – Rylan Hanson.

Comments from crew:

It’s helped me a lot mentally, as seeing other people happy always makes me happy.” “I like being part of the backstage crew because of the positive environment.  I also like the fact that we learn new things, like this year I’m learning sound.” “I like that the show is a real classic. Different generations have grown up with this story and it’s something that people of all age groups can enjoy.”

“The dances are incredible!” and “It’s gonna be wicked.”

The cast includes: Dorothy – Isabella Nehk; Glinda / Auntie Em – Maddie Godwin; Emerald City Guard / Uncle Henry – Jacob Opatz; Lion / Zeke – Maezyn Haugen; Tinman / Hickory – Ty Butler; Scarecrow / Hunk – Elias Torkelson; Wicked Witch / Miss Gulch – Alesha Ouren; Wizard of Oz / Prof. Chester Marvel – Jonathan Nordlund; Munchkin Mayor – Izabel TSherman; Munchkin Coroner – Kendal Nygaard; Munchkin Barrister – Avery Votava; Munchkin Fiddler – Miranda Quick; Munchkin Braggart – Alison Koch; Munchkin City Fathers – Gabriel Johnson, Reagan Stueve, Danny Robb; Munchkin Tough Guys – Emily Jeffries, Charlee Ugstad, Kacey Fredrickson; Munchkin Teachers – Keanah Wynn-Sheldon, Abigail Wooton; Munchkin Tots – Mia Charboneau, Skyler Anderson, Anna Erickson; Other Munchkins – Emilie Koch, Caitlin Booth; Crows – Norah Foreman, Takaira Wynn-Sheldon, Hadassah Hylden; Trees – Kendal Nygaard, Caitlin Booth, Madelyn Westra; Ozian Beauticians – Emily Jeffries, Emilie Koch, Keanah Wynn-Sheldon, Skyler Anderson, Caitlin Booth, Alison Koch, Anna Erickson; Ozian Polishers – Gabriel Johnson, Danny Robb, Charlee Ugstad, Mia Charboneau, Abigail Wooton, Takaira Wynn-Sheldon; Ozian Manicurists – Reagan Stueve, Avery Votava, Norah Foreman, Hadassah Hylden, Madelyn Westra, Izabel TSherman, Kendal Nygaard; Ozian Maintenance Men – Miranda Quick, Kacey Fredrickson; Winkie General – Emilie Koch; Winkies – Abigail Wooton, Izabel TSherman, Reagan Stueve, Avery Votava, Hadassah Hylden, Miranda Quick, Takaira Wynn-Sheldon, Kacey Fredrickson; Flying Monkey Commander Nikko – Mia Charboneau; Flying Monkeys – Gabriel Johnson, Danny Robb, Emily Jeffries; Jitterbugs – Kendal Nygaard, Alison Koch, Charlee Ugstad, Keanah Wynn-Sheldon, Skyler Anderson, Anna Erickson, Norah Foreman, Caitlin Booth, Madelyn Westra.

The crew consists of: Choreographers – Anna Reard & Sarah Anderson; Lights – Mikey Stanley; Sound – Yvonne Sorell; Spot Lights – Alison Hansen, Sara Gobana; Backstage Techs – Nicole Donley, Sean Edman, Lindsey McKinnis, Jordan Johnsen, Josh Thorstad, Jasmine Ringquist, Katie Keller, Lilly Moyer, Melissa Larson; Set Painting – Sarah Delany’s 3rd Hour High School Painting class; and Makeup – Sadie Marty.

The orchestra pit includes: Mary Grotberg, Danielle Mortenson, Steven Wohlenhaus, Elizabeth Grotberg, Chase Strube, Julia Johnson, Owenn Hegseth, Kaylin Bosworth, Thomas Grotberg, Sam King, Syanne Jepson, Qiaoling Chen, Caleb Danielson, Brayden Seedorf, Tucker Henkes, Ben Schierer, Ryan Aanerud, and Kaele Peterson.

Come join us on the adventure, the most wonderful adventure of all, it might even be ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow,’ but really there is ‘No place like Home.’