Supt. Ness: 544 Education Foundation Awards $63,000 in Grants!

At its October 11th board meeting, the 544 Education Foundation awarded over $63,600 in grants to the Fergus Falls School District. The total of grants awarded since 2000 is $390,000!! The School District and staff would like to sincerely thank the 544 Education Foundation!  They are amazing partners in the pursuit of helping students become productive citizens!

The Fergus Falls 544 Education Foundation was founded in September 2000 with a $60,000 grant from the Veden Charitable Trust. Their mission is to raise, invest and grant money through a charitable foundation to support educational programs.

The Foundation’s goals are to support students’ needs by offering scholarships and grants to enrich their educational experiences while attending the Fergus Falls Public Schools; and to communicate their mission to 100% of the alumni, parents and friends through the Foundation newsletter and to assist class reunions with their efforts to welcome back former students.

Their Core Values include: Top priority is best interests of students; Assist Fergus Falls Public Schools to accomplish their educational mission; Continue to strive for an immediate impact with the awarding of grants; Focus on long-term goals for financial stability; and The Foundation will remain neutral on district policy.

The October grants that were awarded are as follows:

$169 for an iPad Pro keyboard for the Choir Department; $445 for supplies for “out of the box” experiences for 7th and 8th grade science students; $447 for an iPad for the Special Education Department at Adams School; $518 for an iPad, case and Apple pencil for 7th grade language arts; $528 for an iPad Pro and Apple pencil for high school language arts and the STEM Program; $541.11 for a camera for the yearbook class; $576.95 for an iPad, case, Apple pencil and stand for an iQ Academy teacher; $839.88 for 12 wobble stools for a 5th grade classroom; $861.28 for supplies and equipment for the after-school Adams STEAM Team; $1095 for an alto saxophone for the band department.

$1106 for an iPad Pro, Apple pencil and Apple keyboard for high school language arts and yearbook production; $1198.11 for an inclusive swing at Adams School; $1529.27 for 5 whiteboard tables, 4 wobble cushions and a storage unit for a first grade classroom; $2844 for 12 Chromebooks for a social studies classroom at the Area Learning Center; $3530 for a strap bender for the welding program; $3555 for 15 Chromebooks for a high school math classroom; $7110 for 30 Chromebooks for five 5th grade classrooms; $8952.69 for 34 Chromebooks and a charging cart for a high school science classroom; $10,081.64 for 5 interactive whiteboards for 5 5th grade classrooms and $17,709 for 12 MacBook Pros (and dongles) for a portable computer lab at Kennedy Secondary School.  

If you have any questions or would like more information about any of the grants, please contact Mindy Fuder at 218.998.0544, ext. 9206.  For a complete listing of grants awarded since 2000, please visit

If you are interested in supporting the 544 Education Foundation, you can become a member for as little as $25. All NEW members will receive a FREE GIFT! More members = more grants funded.  Checks can be sent to: 544 Education Foundation, 518 Friberg Avenue, Fergus Falls, MN 56537. Online donations can also be made by going to