Excellent test results!

The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) released the 2018 Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment scores for all schools on August 30. Congratulations to the students and staff at the Fergus Falls Public Schools on their outstanding test scores and for scoring higher than area school districts.

Student proficiency data on Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA III) test scores can be found at MDE’s website using the Minnesota Report Card data.  Students who were enrolled in our Cleveland School – grades 3 and 4, and Kennedy Secondary School – grades 5-12 on October 1, 2017 were compared to area schools on 20 scores – eight in both reading and math (grades 3-8, high school and a district total) and four in science (grades 5, 8, high school and district total).

Our Cleveland School and Kennedy Secondary School scored higher or tied Underwood on 19 out of 20 grade level and district scores; Rothsay 20/20; Ashby 16/20; Battle Lake 13/20; Alexandria 13/20; Moorhead 20/20; West Central Area 17/20; Detroit Lakes 19/20; Perham 17/20; Pelican Rapids 18/20; and Breckenridge 18/20.

The Fergus Falls School District scored above the state average in 19 of 20 grade level and district scores. We scored more than 10% higher than the state average on three grade levels in math and five in reading.  The high school science score was also 10% higher than the state average, while grade 5 and grade 8 scored more than 20% higher then the state average!