March 12, 2018 board minutes

The regular meeting of the School Board of Independent School District No. 544 was held in the Otter
Community Room at Kennedy Secondary School. Chair Melanie Cole called the meeting to order at 5:15
pm. The following members were present: Melanie Cole, Blaine Danielson, Melissa Hermes, Natalie
Knutson, Matthew Lemke, and Stephen Vigesaa. Jerry Ness, superintendent and Elaine Jahnke,
personnel manager were also present.
Blaine Danielson, clerk, established a quorum.
Blaine Danielson made a motion to approve the agenda as presented. The motion was seconded by
Melissa Hermes and carried unanimously.
Chair Melanie Cole acknowledged the following:
– A sincere thank you was extended to:
• Terri Blackwelder, LaVonne Beckler, Augustana Lutheran Church, April Hauge, Melissa Reese,
April Scharnberg, Linette Strube, Susan Rohde, Leah Rud, Sheri Johnson for their generous
donations to the Otter Angel Account, an account created to anonymously assist families unable to
pay for student meals.
• Ottertail Glass for their continued donations of glass scraps to the KSS Art Department for glass
etching projects in the Rare Mediums classes.
• Lakes Region Arts Council for the invitation and opportunity to show first semester art student
works in their office gallery during the month of February.
– Congratulations to Brad Strand, Girls’ Head Basketball Coach, on his 500th win!
The following reports were presented:
• Matthew Lemke – LCSC Board, MSHSL
• Natalie Knutson – Wellness, Policy
• Melanie Cole – Spec Ed Coop, Region I, Finance, Activities
• Melissa Hermes – Staff Development, Curriculum Review
• Blaine Danielson – 544 Education Foundation, Buildings & Grounds, Meet & Confer
• Stephen Vigesaa – Legislative Liaison
• Jerry Ness – Superintendent Report
General Consent Items:
The following consent agenda was presented for approval:
1. Minutes from February 26, 2018 School Board meeting.
2. Bills and Treasurer’s Report was reviewed by Natalie Knutson prior to the start of the School
Board meeting:

General Fund $ 1,447,243.68
Food Service $ 60,821.37
Community Service $ 90,152.49
Building Fund $ 0
Debt Service $ 450.00

Student Activity funds were reviewed by the School Board.
3. Personnel:
Support Staff Resignations:
– Mark Drechsel, custodian @ KSS; last day of work: 3/16/18
– Melissa Maxwell, special education paraprofessional; last day of work: 3/27/18
Certified Staff Hire:
– Dianne Anderson, special ed teacher @ iQ Academy @ .0772 FTE ; effective 3/12/18
Certified Staff Resignation:
– Amy Glade, elementary teacher @ McKinley School; effective end of 17-18 school year
4. Notice of Desire to Negotiate:
– Fergus Falls Para Educators Association
Blaine Danielson moved to approve the consent agenda. The motion was seconded by Stephen Vigesaa
and carried unanimously.
Old Business:
New Business:
1. Matthew Lemke moved to approve a revision to the 2017-2018 School District Calendar due to the
3/5/18 snow day. Changes include: May 31 will be a full day for students; June 1 will be a 3-hour early
out for students (support staff work all day); and June 4 will be the last work day for certified
(teaching) staff. The motion was seconded by Blaine Danielson and carried unanimously.
The next regular School Board meeting will be held at 5:15 pm Monday, March 26, 2018 in the Otter
Community Room at the Kennedy Secondary School.
Stephen Vigesaa made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 5:54 pm. The motion was seconded by
Melissa Hermes and carried unanimously.
A work session followed the School Board meeting.