Supt. Ness: Public hearing to be held

December 11th School Board Meeting

During our regular School Board meeting, scheduled at 5 pm, Monday, December 11, the School District will host two required public hearings.  The first hearing is the annual Internet Safety hearing.  The School District will report on the the precautions taken to ensure we have systems in place to restrict access to internet websites that are not appropriate for students.  

The final hearing is on Taxes Payable 2018, this will begin at 6 pm. School District Business Manager Mark Masten will review the Proposed Taxes Payable 2018 Levy. The proposed levy is a decrease of 1.8% for fiscal year 2018-2019.

Otter Angel Account Is Running Low

A few years ago, an Otter Angel Account was established. The Otter Angel account is used by the School District to discreetly pay for a student’s meal when the parents have not funded their child’s meal.  The Otter Angel account is funded by donations from the community and is currently running low.  

If you’d like to donate to the Otter Angel Account, please send a check made out to Otter Angel Account – ISD 544 and mail it to:  Fergus Falls Public Schools–District Office, 601 Randolph Avenue, Fergus Falls, MN 56537. To make donations through our online school store, please visit Choose Quick Links – School Store – Food Service – Otter Angels Food Service (Donation). Thank you on behalf of our students!

Students, Staff, and Holiday Stress

Each year, the Fergus Falls Public Schools’ counselors send out this timely reminder…

For many of our students and staff, the holiday season may be a sad and stressful time. Students are often dealing with difficult family situations. There will be students in our schools who may actually dread the next few weeks. Students may express or act out sadness. There may be students and staff who have been affected by deaths, terminal illnesses, and/or extended periods of separation in their families. This could be a much more difficult season as they anticipate the first holiday without loved ones or the possibility of the last holidays with loved ones.

What can we do? Be aware that this may not be a happy time for some of our students and/or staff. Continue to do what we can to help make their school life successful, pleasant, and secure. If anyone notices a student or students in their classes who could use some extra support with any issues discussed here, please notify one of your counselors and they will make arrangements to meet with those students. If anyone becomes aware of a family who could use a little extra help at Christmas, please make these needs known to one of the counselors. In the past, staff members at our schools have anonymously helped various families to make their holidays a little more pleasant.  Finally, we all need to take care of ourselves.


The first three meetings of the District’s Long-Term Facility Committee (LTFC) included building tours of McKinley, Adams, Cleveland, Kennedy Secondary School and Roosevelt. On Monday, November 20, the LTFC worked on criteria for making a recommendation to the School Board and also started the brainstorming process regarding our facilities. The committee has decided not to meet in December, but will meet twice per month during the next two following months (January 8 and 22 and February 12 and 26).

The committee’s top five criteria includes: 1.) Class size; 2.) Maximum use of space; 3.) Keeping grade levels/departments together; 4.) Fewer transitions for students; and 5.) Facilities that are welcoming and make a positive impact on the growth of the District.