Traffic around schools

We have had a wonderful start to our school year – but, one item that continues to be an issue each year is traffic around our school buildings (specifically the Kennedy Secondary School’s bus transfer site in Lot #2 and the Friberg Parking Lot #4). We are very concerned with the safety of our students and I am asking the community for help.

In the long term, the School District will work with the City of Fergus Falls to improve crosswalks, stop signs and other means to improve the flow of traffic. Right now, a number of things can be done to improve safety:

  • Use the buses rather than picking up your children at school, especially if you have children at multiple sites. This will help reduce traffic.
  • Slow down and allow more time for picking up your child.
  • Turning right out of a school’s parking lot will improve traffic flow most of the time. The exception is out of the KSS Visitor’s Lot #1 – turning left and then right on Burlington allows you to avoid the Randolph and Friberg intersection.
  • Do not block a traffic lane when trying to enter a parking lot. You must circle the block or park on a nearby street until you can enter the parking lot.
  • Set a good example by using crosswalks – and avoid walking between buses or through busy parking lots – when picking up your child.

Morning traffic at Kennedy Secondary School: Kennedy Secondary School’s Parking Lot #2 is used as the bus transfer site for all K-12 students in the District. Parents dropping off students at the bus transfer site should use the circle drive and KSS Visitor Lot #1, near Door A. At approximately 8:05 am, the buses will leave the KSS site to transfer students to their school.

Afternoon Traffic at Kennedy Secondary School: The afternoon traffic is more challenging at KSS because parents/guardians are parking and waiting for students to arrive from other schools and for the 3:20 pm dismissal time at KSS.

Suggestions​ ​to​ ​avoid​ ​congestion​ ​at​ ​Kennedy​ ​Secondary​ ​School,​ ​whenever​ ​possible:

  • Allow the buses to transport your child to and from home.
  • Wait until 3:30 pm to pick up your child. The buses depart by 3:30 pm so the bus transfer site – Parking Lot #2 – becomes available for a pickup site.
  • Use the Armory Parking Lot for pickup. Your child can use the stop light crosswalk to walk across Friberg safely to reach the Armory lot.
  • When exiting Parking Lot #4 (the Friberg staff parking lot near Door O) always take a right to keep the traffic flowing.
  • If Lot #4 is full, you must park along the curb or circle the block to avoid blockage of Friberg’s traffic lanes.

Thank you in advance for your help in controlling traffic around all of our school buildings. The District is committed to working with the city, the police dept and parents to improve this situation.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Supt. Jerry Ness