Sept. 11, 2017 board minutes

September 11, 2017
The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by all present.
The regular meeting of the School Board of Independent School District No. 544 was held in the Otter
Community Room at Kennedy Secondary School. Chair Melanie Cole called the meeting to order at 5
pm. The following members were present: Melanie Cole, Blaine Danielson, Melissa Hermes, Natalie
Knutson, Matthew Lemke, and Stephen Vigesaa. Jerry Ness, superintendent, Mark Masten, business
manager and Elaine Jahnke, personnel manager were also present.
Blaine Danielson, clerk, established a quorum.
Blaine Danielson made a motion to approve the agenda as presented. The motion was seconded by
Melissa Hermes and carried unanimously.
Supt. Jerry Ness thanked School Board member Matthew Lemke for his continuous role in making the
Otter Pride Night such a great success.
The following reports were presented:
• Melanie Cole – Special Ed Coop, Region I, Negotiations
• Melissa Hermes – Curriculum Review Committee, Legislative Liaison
• Natalie Knutson – Policy, Wellness
• Blaine Danielson – 544 Education Foundation, Meet & Confer, Buildings & Grounds
• Stephen Vigesaa – Staff Development
• Matthew Lemke – MSHSL, LCSC Board
• Jerry Ness – Superintendent
General Consent Items:
The following consent agenda was presented for approval:
1. Minutes from August 28, 2017 School Board meeting
2. Bills and Treasurer’s Report

Student Activities funds were reviewed by the School Board.
3. Personnel:
Support Staff Resignation:
– Elizabeth Madison, noon-hour supervisor, effective 8/30/17

General Fund $ 2,828,732.67
Food Service $ 19,897.52
Community Service $ 2,471.44
Building Fund $
Debt Service $
Trust & Agency $ 117.90
TOTAL $ 2,851,219.53

Support Staff Hires:
– Kylie Zenner, noon-hour supervisor, effective 9/5/17
– Kathy Austad, ECFE child care aide, effective 9/12/17
Head Coach Hire:
– Satera Harlow, head gymnastics coach, effective 9/11/17

Matthew Lemke moved to approve the consent agenda. The motion was seconded by Stephen Vigesaa
and carried unanimously.
Old Business
New Business:
Blaine Danielson offered the following resolution and moved for its adoption:
BE IT RESOLVED by the School Board of Independent School District No.544, State of Minnesota,
as follows:
1. As required by Minnesota Statutes, Section 203B.121, the Board hereby establishes a ballot
board to process, accept and reject absentee ballots at school district elections not held in
conjunction with the state primary or state general election or that are conducted by a
municipality on behalf of the school district and generally to carry out the duties of a ballot
board as provided by Minnesota Statutes, Section 203B.121 and other applicable laws.
2. The ballot board must consist of a sufficient number of election judges trained in the handling of
absentee ballots. The ballot board may include deputy county auditors or deputy city clerks
who have received training in the processing and counting of absentee ballots.
3. The clerk or the clerk’s designee is hereby authorized and directed to appoint the members of
the ballot board. The clerk or the clerk’s designee shall establish, maintain and update a roster
members appointed to and currently serving on the ballot board and shall report to the Board
from time to time as to its status.
4. Each member of the ballot board shall be paid reasonable compensation for services rendered
during an election at the same rate as other election judges; provided, however, if a staff
member is already being compensated for regular duties, additional compensation shall not be
paid for ballot board duties performed during that staff member’s duty day.
The motion was seconded by Matthew Lemke and upon roll call vote being taken, the following voted
in favor thereof: Melanie Cole, Blaine Danielson, Melissa Hermes, Natalie Knutson, Matthew Lemke,
and Stephen Vigesaa
and the following voted against the same;
Whereupon said motion was declared duly passed and the resolution adopted.
The 2017 MREA Fall Member meeting is scheduled from 7-9 pm on Tuesday, September 19 at M State
in Detroit Lakes MN. The next regular School Board meeting will be held at 5 pm Monday, September
25, 2017 in the Otter Community Room at the Kennedy Secondary School.

Blaine Danielson made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 5:21 pm. The motion was seconded by
Stephen Vigesaa and carried unanimously.
A work session followed the School Board meeting.