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Supt. Ness: Academics, Activities/Fine Arts, and Wellness

At the Fergus Falls Public Schools, our mission is to provide our students with a well-rounded education that will produce productive citizens.  We focus on the students and these three areas – academics, activities/fine arts and wellness; and in this column, I’d like to share how all of these components help students learn.


Academics are number one in importance – it is why schools exist. In the lower grades, the emphasis is on reading, writing and arithmetic.  Once students can read well, they go from “learning to read” to “reading to learn”.  As students progress through the grades, additional subjects are offered and required. In their last two high school years, students take courses that interest them and prepare them for their careers.  Throughout their school years, students are using many facets of technology to prepare them for the future.

Activities/Fine Arts

The next component – activities/fine arts – is also very important and supports our academic efforts.  The Minnesota State High School League provides educational opportunities for students through interscholastic athletics and fine arts programs, and provides leadership and support for member schools.

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