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Supt. Ness: STEM Academy coming together

Over the last few months, the Fergus Falls Public Schools – specifically the Modern Manufacturing Learning Lab – has greatly benefited by the generosity of our community. The lab has been developed through a strategic plan and vision to give our students a realistic view of modern manufacturing.  Local manufacturing companies, Rotary, and especially the leadership of Kim Embretson have been invaluable in moving the project forward.

The next step is to match the curriculum with the facility. A team of teachers from the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), along with a language arts component are developing a plan for a STEM Academy to begin next fall.  The Academy would allow students to enroll in a cohort group where they would take a course in fabrications, engineering, math, and language arts – all focused on the technical skills for a wide range of careers from an engineer to a fabricator. The STEM Academy would be available for students in grades 10-12, with the senior year being highlighted by a Capstone Project. The project would be a demonstration of the knowledge and skills developed through the STEM Academy. Continue reading

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