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Supt. Ness: Your career…your future

The 8th Annual Fergus Falls College and Career Expo, “Your Career…Your Future,” will be held on Thursday, October 9th at the Kennedy Secondary School. This event is for 9th-12th grade students and highlights the education and skills needed to attain high paying, in-demand jobs in West Central Minnesota.

Many industries such as healthcare and manufacturing are facing local and nationwide workforce shortages. We feel it is important to show students what career choices are in demand and what education, skills and training are needed to get hired in West Central Minnesota.

The morning session will include keynote speaker Dave Cornell, founder of BBG Communications, LLC, who will address students about his journey, how to prepare for a career and what it takes to succeed. Students will be given the opportunity to attend break-out sessions with “on-the-job” professionals from within the fields of engineering, healthcare, human services, business management, agriculture, communications, law enforcement, education, transportation and manufacturing. Speakers will address topics including: job overview, salary range, education, skill sets and experience requirements needed in high school and beyond. Continue reading

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