Bond Referendum information available HERE.

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Supt. Ness: Additional referendum details

In this bond referendum, the Fergus Falls School Board is proposing improvements to its physical education, fine arts, and co-curricular facilities.  Compared to the last two bond referendums, this project has been significantly reduced in both cost and scope.  The cost has been reduced 56% from the bond referendum in November 2012.  The scope has been narrowed to improvements to the bleachers, track, football/soccer field and practice fields. The project also includes two inside projects – re-tiling the swimming pool and upgrading the auditorium lighting and electrical.  

A key component in the proposed project is the need for a new bleacher system that would seat people safely and be handicapped accessible.

What value does this bond referendum bring to the community?

The school and community would have safe bleachers that are handicapped accessible; quality green space for physical education classes and co-curricular activities; expansion to an 8-lane track that would give Fergus Falls the standard number of lanes required for conference and section track and field meets (hosting additional events encourages an economic benefit to the community); and maintaining and enhancing the pool and auditorium which would allow the District to continue to have the ability to serve the many community groups that frequently use these facilities. Continue reading

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