Nursing Assistant students visit Ashby Living Center

The Nursing Assistant students had an outing to the Ashby Living Center this week. The course not only teaches the essential skills of the program, but also health career exploration. One of the goals of the morning was to participate in communication with an older person. During the visit in Ashby, each student interviewed a geriatric resident in a one-to-one setting.

Students visit Ashby Living Center

L to R: Karla Krebs, Kate Jaeger, Sydney Anderson, Makenna Stenstrom, Chloe Nelson, Allison Buck and Hannah Murphy.

Making a kid’s day

This weekend, Otter fan Magnus Burud celebrated his 5th birthday with a football-themed party. Magnus’s mom, Amanda, thought the kids would enjoy playing some backyard football with some of their Otter heroes and mentioned it to Jake Brimhall’s mom.

Jake reached out to fellow players Marshall King and Harrison Christensen. The three decided to make Magnus’s birthday one to remember. They showed up at 2:00 and played football with them for about 45 minutes, then had cupcakes. The kids thought it was so cool! The 3 teens let the little ones score touchdowns and kick field goals and even let the little ones tackle them.

Despite the Otters’ athletic ability, rumor has it the 5-year-olds won 21-17. (This does NOT affect their official State High School League standings or record.)

Art students experience Raku pottery firing

The Otter Art Department held the annual Raku Pottery Firing day last week. Students from Advanced Pottery and College Prep Art Studies took part in 6 separate firings of Raku. Raku is a Japanese method of cooling pottery quickly in combustibles ranging back to the middle 1500s.
By pulling the pieces out of a kiln at a high temp and cooling them in smoking leaves, newspapers, and pine needles, an artist gets wonderful metallic colors. The students constructed their pieces and then chose either to glaze or do a horsehair carbon burn method into the pieces.
It’s unique that our students are given this rare opportunity to create Raku pottery! Most art students will not see this style of art opportunity until they reach a post secondary level of study.