2014 – The Year of the Horse

Students at Adams Elementary in Fergus Falls have been learning about Chinese culture each year and have a ton of fun doing so.  On one of Meng Andrews visits to Adams she brought with her hacky sacks from China that were made with really feathers!  Another favorite of the students were the text books that Meng’s high school students shared with the kids.  They were really impressed with their work and the Chinese Calligraphy used in each text!

Kids teaching kids

Students from Meng Andrews and her Chinese class have been teaching the students of Viking Elementary School in Pelican Rapids about the Chinese language and culture through stories, hands-on activities and the sharing of personal experiences some have had after visiting China with Andrews in the past. On these trips, they bring with them many things, but a few favorites include a beautiful Chinese New Year Dragon, hacky sacks made with feathers, chopsticks, Ta Chi fans, and the Chinese text books made by Andrews’ students.

One of Andrews’ students, Jessica Gullickson, has travelled to China twice and on one of the trips to Pelican Rapids she brought with her some of her treasures to share. Other students who have come to help are Gabriel Albers, Rebecca Hanson, Hana Jaeger, Abbilynn Monilaws, Elijah Samuelson and Benjamin Vetrone. They helped present and make these visits successful by giving kids the chance to play with Chinese hacky sacks and try on the dragon.  They also showed the kids how to use some really cool Taichi fans.

Meng Andrews, Fergus Falls Chinese Teacher, and Diversity Coordinator, Guy Griebe, have been visiting with these students for two years as part of The West Central Minnesota Multi-District Cultural Collaborative and continue to present numerous opportunities for kids to experience the Chinese culture on each trip.


6th graders learn about Disc Golf

Students in Mrs. Kangas’s 6th grade classroom got to explore a sport that was new to most of them: disc golf.

The class traveled to the M-State campus to play a few holes on their course. Students used discs provided by Mrs. Kangas’s business sponsor, as well as members of the local disc golf league.