Blondeau Fine Art Festival 2016 results


IMG_9158Best of Show: Erika Shay Bauer, “Broken Pencil Sharpener”
1st Place: Abby Erlandson, “Little Girl”
2nd Place: Marissa Marudas, “Shoestring Kaleidoscope”
3rd Place: Alex Moyer, “Conte Portrait”

Honorable Mentions

Ashleigh Holmquist, “Sweet Olphelia”
Tejah Olson, “Portrait”
Dee Gease, “Resting Ballerina”


IMG_9155Best of Show: Aksel Lindgren, “Landscape”
1st Place: Tilde Dahlberg, “Bridge in Sunset”
2nd Place: Lucas Steckler, “Self Portrait”
3rd Place: Josie Reyna, “Lightening Girl”

Honorable Mentions

Emma Uhrich, “Self Portrait”
Jake Billings, “America”
Bo Anderson, “Self Portrait”


IMG_9156Best of Show: RaeAnne Arens, “Addilynn”
1st Place: Morgan Sikkink, “Frost”
2nd Place: Aksel Lindgren, “Lake of The Woods”
3rd Place: Kylie Jennen, “Morning Frost”

Honorable Mentions

Jill Buck, “EGGS”
RaeAnne Arens, “Duluth”
Jared Kuehl, “Icicles”


IMG_9152Best of Show: Dee Gease, “Reflections of Reality”
1st Place: Andrew Balken, “Marker Mandala”
2nd Place: MaCorra Hanneman, “Flower Study with INK”
3rd Place: Shaylee Brown, “Flamin Skull”

Honorable Mentions

Nick Hohrman, “Midnight”
Tom Mattson, “Landing”
Layne Smith, “Cherrio”


IMG_9153Best of Show: David Wallington, “Nature Tea Set”
1st Place: Alex McKinnell, “TeaPot”
2nd Place: Zach Tarczon, “Handbuilt PorcelinVase”
3rd Place: Will Pajari, “Coil Project”

Honorable Mentions

David Wallinton, “BROKEN PEACE”
Katie Mach, “Watering Can”
Riley Sheridan, “Decorative Combo”


IMG_9154Best of Show: ERIKA SHAY BAUER, “Where Do Babies Come From”
1st Place: Madison “Tia” Hubert, “Trenzalore”
2nd Place: Vernon “Isaac” Nokes, “Baby Dinosaur”
3rd Place: Brooke Grewe, “Flower Vase”

Honorable Mentions

Marissa Marudas, “My Bleeding Heart”
Larissa Naegler, “Butterfly”
Bailey Munsterman, “Stormy Sea”


IMG_9157Best of Show: Autumn Petterson, “POPPY”
1st Place: Taylor Steele, “Series of 3, GLOBE”
2nd Place: Abbi Newkirk, “Friends In the Rain”
3rd Place: Rachel Wulfekuhle, “Class Project, Abstract Color Leaves”

Honorable Mentions

Antonia Starzl, “A Walk In France”
Erika Shay Bauer, “LaCarousel De Diablo”
Dee Gease, “Science Montage”