VanVoorhis Speaks up about TBI

Senior Public Speaking student Steven VanVoorhis shared his arduous process of recovering from a traumatic brain injury he suffered while playing hockey for the Otters. While delivering the speech to class, Steven was filmed and then interviewed for an ongoing series on TBI by WDAY news in fargo. Check out his speech for yourself, and spread the awareness.

Help Fergus Falls Public Schools compete for a grant of up to $25,000

America’s Farmers Grow Rural Education, sponsored by the Monsanto Fund, gives rural public school districts the opportunity to compete for a grant of up to $25,000 to help fund science and math programs. Eligible farmers can nominate local public school districts for a grant. Please ask all of the local farmers you know to nominate our school today!

For the fourth consecutive year, America’s Farmers Grow Rural Education will award
$2.3 million to enhance math and science education in rural communities in 2015. Grant
applications will be judged based on the merit of the application, need and community
support. Community support is affected by the number of farmers we have nominate our
school district and this can strengthen our application.

If Fergus Falls Public Schools wins, we plan on using our grant money to purchase technology for the STEM Academy. But first, we have to be nominated. The deadline for farmer nominations is April 1, 2015. So start spreading the word about this important
opportunity today!

For additional information about the program, visit

Kennedy Secondary Testing Window

High School Spring Testing Dates:

MCA Science for High School: April 7-9
MCA Math (gr. 11): April 10th & 13th – Test list posted near the High School Office
MCA Reading (gr. 10): April 15th & 16th- Test list posted near the High School Office

The ACT (gr. 11): April 28

Middle School MCA Test Dates:

8th grade Science  – April 8th and 9th with Make-ups on the 10th
6th grade Math  –  MAD team on April 13th and KAR team April 14th
7th grade Math – April 15th and 16th with Make-ups on the 17th
8th grade Math – April 21st and 22nd with Make-ups on the 23rd
6th grade Reading MAD team on April 27th and KAR team on April 28th
8th grade Reading April 29th and 30th with Make-ups on May 1st
7th grade Reading May 4th and 5th ( Double Days ) Make-ups on May 6th