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France/Spain ‘18 travel update

Photo of students in FranceAnd we are back! Eating (and ordering in the target language) our way through the baguettes in France and tapas in Spain did not add  an ounce after logging 40+ miles of walking and 100+ steps.

We have returned with a suitcase of souvenirs and a lifetime of memories. What a fantastic journey! Thank you to everyone who supported our trip!

Students in Montserrat, Spain.
Montserrat, Spain

Nursing Assistant students complete coursework

The Spring 2018 Semester Nursing Assistant students successfully completed class and skills lab this week. They took the Minnesota Registry written and skills examination at M State on Wednesday. Congratulations on their success!

Photo of nursing assistant students
L-R:Molly Babcock, Aliyah Harris, Maddie Oswald, Tyler Hansen, A. Dummy, Rhiannon Garcia, Emily Allard, Madison Anderson, and Vivian Karnia​



STEM Team competes in high mileage car competition

The STEM students competed in the high mileage car contest and did very well – Congratulations!! The E85 team made 14 six-mile runs and tied for second in most runs. The best run was 316 mpg and the average of top six runs was 302 mpg. There were 19 E85 cars total. When you factor in all runs, our students were second overall in the E85 class. The top E85 was 440 mpg. Students participating were Levi Danielson, Jack Bergren, Natalie Swanson, and Weston Arntson.

In the stock division, one of our teams completed six 6-mile runs, with an average of 157 mpg and a best run of 162 mpg. This team included Layne Smith, Paul Dummer,  and Jacob Marvel. Another one of our students’ cars completed 15 successful 6-mile runs with an average of 170 mpg for their top 6 runs. Their best mileage was 175 mpg. The team members for this car included Will Pajari, Seth Edman, Mitchell Oswald, and Dillon Strommen.

There were a total of 98 cars that competed in the contest.  Each of our students’ cars completed the minimum of six runs that would allow them to qualify for awards.  There were 39 cars at the contest that did not complete six official runs or any runs at all. So, a third of the competing cars did not even qualify for awards. Also, all of our teams finished in the top five in the Design Proposals that were submitted in February!

We also received several compliments, along with a phone call from the Director of the Supermileage Challenge stating how respectful and prepared all of our teams were throughout the day.  Once again they were tremendous ambassadors for our school! OAAO! Congratulations to the students and instructors – Mike Donaghue, Dennis Wutzke, and Laurie Roder!