2014 – The Year of the Horse

Students at Adams Elementary in Fergus Falls have been learning about Chinese culture each year and have a ton of fun doing so.  On one of Meng Andrews visits to Adams she brought with her hacky sacks from China that were made with really feathers!  Another favorite of the students were the text books that Meng’s high school students shared with the kids.  They were really impressed with their work and the Chinese Calligraphy used in each text!

Adams School is WILD about reading!

Adams School is WILD about reading!  We began our celebration of I Love to Read month with a visit from Hawkeye from the FM RedHawks!  He explained his reading program to us and got us fired up to read.  Then Magician Jack Sand performed for us and encouraged us to learn more about magic by checking out some books from our library.  SkippyJon Jones also visited, along with Arielle from our public library.

We ended with our staff acting out King Bidgood’s In the Bathtub, a favorite story.  We also want to thank our many guest readers.

It is great to see adults who are also WILD about reading!

Pumpkin Predictions

pumpkinsStudents at Adams School have been doing estimating, measuring, and researching using a fall favorite: pumpkins!

Students are recording the measurements of each classroom pumpkin. The measure the height, weight, and circumference, as well as how many ribs the pumpkin has.

Each student also predicts how many seeds the pumpkin will contain.

Then, they open the pumpkin and count how many seeds it has.

Each class is recording their results, and they will be able to compare this data, possibly finding trends or reliable ways to predict how many seeds a pumpkin may have.

Keep your eyes here for a video coming in the next few days!